Bay Weekly


8/1/2013: Zachery’s Birthday Blood Drive: Pay it forward in honor of a saved life

JULY 2013

7/3/13: Contributor:  Five Cures for the Summertime Blues 

JUNE 2013

6/27/13: Lighting Up the Night: Your fireworks guide

6/27/13: It Takes Big Bucks to Make Big Bangs; Why Americans spend millions on fireworks

6/27/13: What’s in a Name? For George Phelps, a half century fighting for civil rights 

6/13/13: Contributor to: Dads on the Job

6/13/13: Renovated Rehab: Animal Sanctuary gets Bay-friendly upgrade  

MAY 2013

5/30/12: It’s a Nobel Affair: Dress in your royal best for a baby shower

5/30/12: Annapolis is Staying Alive: Are you CPR certified? 

5/23/13: Know before you go: Don’t let road work spoil your trip

5/23/13: Bid for Kids:  Online Auction helps kids in need 

5/23/13: Hot Sox Field Still Making History: Ghosts and baseball lovers unite

5/16/13: The Bay’s Green Giant: SERC scientist triples blue crab population

5/9/13: Cancer Never Sleeps…so Relay for Lifers don’t, either

5/9/13: Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy: Annapolis Mall is getting Tanked

5/9/13: In Celebration of Wilderness:  Add to America’s record of natural history; win a Smithsonian spot

5/2/13: The Secret to Award-Winning ‘Cue: A Kansas City Barbeque Judge gives Bay Weekly the deets

5/2/13: Giving a Building Life: Hard Bargain Farm is going light years ahead of just green

APRIL 2013

4/25/13:  Hoofing for a Good Cause: Don Chomas’ pink pig advances Parole Rotary’s Natptown barBAYq

4/25/13: Nameless Heron Closer to an Identity: Vote for your favorite name

4/25/13: The Compost Bandwagon: The Department of the Environment jumps on

4/4/13: Name That Bird: Maryland’s license plate heron in identity crisis 

MARCH 2013

3/14/13: Reporting on Chesapeake Report Cards: What each report card has to say

3/7/13: Speed Cameras Watching Annapolis: School-zone cameras add to General Assembly’s debate


2/28/13: Oyster Shells Can Save the Bay: And earn you a buck a bushel

2/21/13: Eagle Goes Viral: How Bay Weekly got the shot

2/21/13: Bay Watermen become Chesapeake Tour Guides: Their innovation is award-winning

2/14/13: What Goes Up Must Come Down: Good intentions bring unintended consequences

2/7/13: Wanna-Be Bikers and Pedestrains Unite: What would get you go walk and bike more? 


1/24/13: DNR Starts Mapping Land for Preservation and Recreation: Public meetings begin Feb. 5

1/17/13: Band Dodges Tragedy — Twice: After two members survive cardiac arrest, music keeps Telesma alive

1/17/13: Creature Feature; Trash Talking Turtles: Student artsits show why turtles and balloons make a bad couple

1/17/13: 15,000 Butterflies for 15,000 Children: CSM honors the child victims of Terezin

1/10/13: Ready, Aim, Shoot: Your photos of the weekend tide will help CoastSmart see into the future

1/3/13: New Town America: How fifth graders are taking over the world


12/20/12: The Christmas Runaround: For multi-family kids, the holidays mean more of good thing

12/20/12: From Chesapeake Bay to the Monteverde Cloud Forest: Eagle Cove School reaches way downstream for environmental education

12/13/12: Telemarketing Conspiracy: Don’t get fooled by the email scam

12/13/12: Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match: AACo connects families in need with people who want to help 

12/6/12: The National Weather Service Wants You: Help map out long-term climate changes

12/6/12: Father Winter is Coming: Get help with your bills as winter blows in


11/29/12: Turning Kitchen Trash into Green Cash: A Bay Weekly conversation withVinnie Bevivino, the mastermind of Chesapeake Compost Works

11/29/12: 50 Shades of Green: Other ways people are being green.  

11/15/15: Roadside Signs Still Fine: State Highway Administration hasn’t collected a penny

11/1/12: Anne Arundel Countians Speak Their Minds: We’re closer on birth control for pets than on who should be president


10/25/12: Oxford House Brings Hope To Recovering Addicts: Project ECHO becomes landlords for recovery

10/25/12: There’s An App For That: Technology brings us closer to nature

10/18/12: Red, Right, Recycle: Green Annapolis collects at Boat Show

10/11/12: Raising Money and Giving It Away: Lothian Ruritan Club celebrates 60 years helping the community 

10/4/12: The Biggest Weiner: Dogs compete for best costumes 


9/27/12: Blondie Comes to Solomons: Guitarist Chris Stein gives us all the deets 

9/20/12: Pedaling to London and Beyond: After competing in the Paralympics, Annapolitan Clark Rachfal is eager to see where tandem cycling takes him next

9/20/12: Pullers, Pies raise $1,800 for Hopkins: If you couldn’t tow 3,000 pounds, you can still right a check

9/6/12: Pulling for a Cause: Dunkirk tract pull sees 2K for Johns Hopkins 

9/6/12: This Weeks Creature Feature… The Foundling Squirrel: How a baby squirrel at the doorstep stole our hearts


8/30/12: Paddleboarding Tested My Balance… and my phone’s resiliency

8/30/12: Creature Feature: The Orb Weavers’ Feast

8/23/12: Sitting Tall in the Saddle: Exceptional Hero inspires friends, classmates to support Maryland Therapeutic Riding

8/23/12: Little Places Do Big Things: 500,000 pounds of food feeds a lot of hunger

8/16/12: Take Flight in a Time Machine: A World War II B-17 seeks passengers for flights over Baltimore

8/9/12: Nipping It in the Bud: Cleaning the Bay starts on land

8/9/12: Putting in His Two Cents: Crownsville author writes to end hatred

8/2/12: A Makeover for Broadneck Park: Touch a Truck adds $35k from county

JULY 2012

7/26/12: Southern High School Paints the Town: Students decorate local businesses with murals

726/12: Trash Fuels Light Bulbs: Anne Arundel County Landfill turns trash into electricity

7/19/12: At the Heart of the Circle: Everyone has an opinion about the new sculpture at Westgate Circle

7/19/12: Collect Locally, Read Globally: Kids doctors help Parole Rotary collect kids books for needy readers around the world

7/5/12: Star Struck: No need to get your eyes checked, that was Kevin Spacey in Annapolis

Capital News Service Wire: Carnegie Investigative Seminar 

5/22/12: Food Banks’ Clientele Moves Upscale

2/23/12: More People Visiting Charles County Charities

Upper Marlboro Patch

5/9/11: Upper Marlboro Celebrates Marlborough Day

Edgewater-Davidsonville Patch

5/3/11: Local Eats: Who is Doing What for Mother’s Day?

4/24/11: Drug Takeback Day Set for April 30— also picked up by several other Patch websites.

4/16/11: Healthy Good Choices Staple of Local Summer Camps

3/14/11: Deale Dancers to Perform at Cherry Blossom Festival

3/13/11: Londontown Symphony Spring Gala set for March 15



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