About Me

Since graduating from the University of Maryland, I have been working at the Bay Weekly—a weekly newspaper that covers Calvert and Southern Anne Arundel counties’ local and environmental news. I have polished my writing skills and learned to make the most out of each word. I learned how to not just interview a source, but to have a genuine conversation to get the most information from them.

I enjoy working in a beat and creating relationships with my sources. That’s how you break the story.

In the future I want to combine my writing skills, multimedia and investigative journalism to write stories about people who don’t always get a say.

I started my journalism career accidentally while at Anne Arundel Community College.  I found out that the newspaper was having their first meeting of the semester. I knew I wanted to do something in the communications field, like advertising or graphic design, so I went to the meeting. But when I got there, I soon found that all of those positions were filled and all that remained were reporting positions. I had a little experience writing on my high school yearbook staff but I stuck it out; I have never been a quitter.

While reporting on stories I fell in love with the craft. I realized that the hustle of reporting was just what a fast-paced girl like me needed. News is an important part of how society functions, and I am proud to say that I am a part of the process.

I love reporting and hustling to get the information. I’m my best when I’m running a mile a minute. Writing the content is just as important as the information gathered. If I learn about something earth-shattering, but write it as a boring story, a reader isn’t going to read it. Then what’s the point? I make sure every story I write is interesting to make sure the reader feels like they got something out of it.

Multimedia is a great way to add layers and depth to a story. Adding photographs, sounds and interactive graphics make it even the more interesting for the reader. If the reader can get all the information in an interesting way, he or she will always come back– which is important in a time of Google. I can take interesting photos to go with stories and can create multimedia to go with stories. Look when I rode in the Memphis Belle to see what I can do from an iPhone.

I grew up with the internet. I get most of the breaking headlines off of social media sites, and know what users are looking for when looking for news online.

On this blog you can find all of my published clips and how to contact me. Soon I will have my photography here as well as a blog of my life as a Journalist (New Years Resolution– wish me luck).

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